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Sanctuary Onslaught Rewards Different Among Squad Members (KHORA BP!!!)


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Just now I'm (penguinpwq) grinding Sanctuary Onslaught Zone 8, with my 2 brothers ihateCARROTS and HyperActing for Khora Main Blueprint. Within these couple of months God knows how many runs I've been grinding but still no luck. Until tonight, finally! Finally the Khora BP dropped for us! 
BUT! WTH??! I see no Khora BP in my mission rewards, even after extract I check in my inventory still no any Khora BP!

ihateCARROTS rewards : https://ibb.co/vdxMgpt

HyperActing rewards : https://ibb.co/wshNgBX

my (penguinpwq) rewards : https://ibb.co/KhPjVXH

First you can clearly see that don't know whatever reasons that I don't have Khora BP that all 3 should have in a same squad. Secondly if you notice well, you can see that our rewards are not the same as well. ihateCARROTS missing Meso P4 relic, HyperActing missing Lith K7 relic, and I have all 3 relics but no Khora BP!

Dear DE, as a loyal player (currently MR22, I know it's not Legendary 2 but I've spent 1.8k hours in Warframe) and a supporter (I bought Platinum from time to time), I truly enjoy playing this game and having a lots of fun. So, here I'm begging you DE, please fix this bug/issue/whatever and please, please give me my Khora Main Blueprint back. I totally deserved it for all those grinds, please...

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