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Help report a bug?

(XBOX)Ancient Mutt


I reported a bug a while ago and recently bumped it, but no obvious answers from DE yet.


Excalibur Finishers are broken, this also seems to be trusted to Naramon Executing Dash not working at the moment also.

This might be just for Xbox but still don't know if PC or PlayStation or Nintendo have this bug, too. 

I really like Excalibur/Umbra and to have one of his significant abilities reduced makes me a bit unhappy.

Please can I ask you all for a bit more help to investigate and report this bug, give it a bit more limelight in the hope of getting it fixed quicker (hopefully in the next batch of updates)?

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DE doesn't generally reply to bugs.  It looks like you reported it to the Bug Forums correctly, which means it's logged and they're aware of it.   I'd recommend trusting that they'll get to it at some point, and putting it out of your mind until then; if you don't, you'll probably just end up frustrated.  If it helps, play a different frame for awhile so you're not reminded of what you're missing out on.  The game always has tons of bugs, and DE can't fix them all at once.

What I really wouldn't encourage asking for more people to report or spam a bug that's already been reported.  That just creates more work for the team and may end up clogging the pipes.

If you really want to expedite this bug fix, I'd recommend you take some videos showing the bug and attaching them to your original bug report.  The more information you can provide for them, the easier it will be for them to reproduce the exact circumstances of the bug and find out what's causing it.  So try it with different Warframes, different weapons equipped, different enemies, different locations.  The more you provide them with, the easier it will be to diagnose for the team.

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