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Fighters not spawning in Railjack, + Troll


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Doing R-9 Cloud, and we where at 76/98 Fighters killed.
Everything else was dealt with.

Fighters weren't spawning,
so we kept leaving the area around the Ship-Killer platform,
and getting near again to spawn ram-sleds.

One of the squamates dies, right next to the Ship-Killer,
and AFKs to watch TV.

The Ram-Sleds would no-longer spawn,
because he was right next to where they spawn.

I PMed them that they where preventing enemy spawn,
and kept sending them messages about what was happening.

The host left, which caused a host migration,
and the fighters spawned, but non of the Railjack parts where usable.
Couldn't leave, pilot, use the guns, anything.
The AFK player was outside of the ship though,
so they could kill the last few fighters if they came back

The new host decided to leave, causing a host migration,
and that time the AFK player became the new host.

I sent the AFK player another PM, 
but they where ignoring me now.

They where also still down and not playing.


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