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Neptune Disruption not paying out credits from conduits


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Neptune Disruption on Laomedeia is not paying out credits from conduits and here's the proof.


Picture 1:

Right before mission ends I have 3100 credits and I am supposed to get 344,904 credits from this mission total being 348,004.



Picture 2:

After mission actually finishes you can see that I've gotten only 234,904 credits meaning that I am missing 110,000 credits from conduits.

And even if we think that they are included in some of the items that credits consists of, that is not true. 63,864 from "Mission Credits" plus 53,588 from Credit Reward equals 117,452 which is exact extra amount that we got from "Boosted Credits" as it is supposed to 2x the credits we get.

"Credits Cache" 10,000 x11, which are credits from conduits are nowhere to be found.



Yes, there are 2 other posts on this topics, but they aren't as clear as this one is: 1st post and 2nd post.

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After another game of Disruption I figured I could check Mission Progress before entering the exit and it indeed just showed Mission Credits and Credits Cache x11 which yielded ~117K which after game with 2 credit boosters yielded extra ~180K (I got 3400 extra somewhere) for total of ~301K credits.
So the problem is in the UI where it should not sum Credits Cache part with other items.
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