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Titania rework (focus on the first 3 abilities and a little love for divata)


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Passive (changed): When Titania uses bulletjump, she provokes an air attack within 10 meters of her, which throws enemies into the air. (3 meters for pvp). This attack benefits from all bulletjump mods.

Spellbind (chenged): This is now a target ability applied to allies (including Titania) Imposes a spellbind effect that provides immunity status and additional damage against enemies in the air (including flying ones). When you have a spellbind effect, enemies thrown into the air remain hanging for another 3 seconds.

Tribute (changed): Titania receives a spirit reservoir equal to 120 units and divided into levels of 30 seconds each. When Titania uses the ability, she rips out the enemy's soul, adding 30 to her reservoir. Reservoir loses power by 1 every second. The effects of the levels add up to an aura with a radius of 50 meters.

Thorns (changed): At the first level, allies reflect 50% damage. 

Entangle (changed): slows down the movement of enemies by 25%. Reflected damage is applied by ice status.

Dust (changed): At level 3, it reduces the accuracy of the enemy. Sometimes enemies' weapons fail. While fail, enemy reflects the damage to itself, activating reflect effects.

Full Moon (changed): at lvl 4, lantern now also creates an aura and benefits from it. The enemy's weapon is always considered broken and fail in the Lantern light, even if the enemies are protected from effect by a wall.

Lantern (buff): Spellbind is guaranteed to impose a fire status when an ally attacks air enemy in the Lantern light. This is also taken into account for attacks with which you lift enemies into the air. Titania in razorwing mode replenishes her razorfly every second.

Razorwing (unchanged)

Divata(changing attack): Divata now throws up enemies standing on the ground. If Titania make dash attacks further than 3 meters, Titania activates a passive ability around divata target, that also benefits from damage and divata mods. 

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