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Chroma: True Dragon Rework


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Chroma is the Dragon but hasn't attained the kit to perform as such. This post is meant to present a idea or a pathway to what Chroma is expected to play as. I've added new functionality to his existing abilities and added 2 Dragon Meter (Chaos Dragon meter and Healer Dragon meter) that can be charged by his 1-3 abilities which allows him to enter his 4th.  


1st Ability:

Dragon Roar: Deals Damage in a cone based on Power Strength. Killing an enemy causes them to explode dealing that element in a AoE burst (No longer a battery ability, now tap and cast in burst stream fashion)
Holding switches Elements.


2nd Ability: Unison Burst

Depending on Chroma's Elemental Alignment, a AoE is created for Chroma and his allies weapons for a short time with the corresponding elemental buff.

Tap: Imbue weapons of Chroma and his allies with additional Critical Chance and the align element of Chroma. (Using this ability charges Chaos Dragon meter)

Hold: Imbue weapons of Chroma and his allies with additional Status Chance and the align element of Chroma. (Using this ability charges Healer Dragon meter)

Note: allies retain buffs similar to Rhino)


3rd Ability: Dragon Force

Chroma and nearby allies gain buffs for the duration of the ability. (Activating this ability steadily charges both Dragon meters)

-Damage Increase

-Cold: Armor Increase

-Heat: Health Increase

-Electricity: Shield Increase

-Toxin: Damage/Elemental Resistance

Note: ability doesn't have to be charged as how it currently functions. On activation, buffs are at max build values.


4th Ability: Awakening

On activation a Burst of AoE Damage and knockdown is created.

Tap: Enters Chaos Dragon Mode which drains Chaos Dragon meter which raises Chroma and his allies Damage and AoE range. (Supercharges previous abilities)

Hold: Enters Healing Dragon Mode which drains Healer Dragon Meter which heals and grants stagger/knockdown resistance.


Passive: Holding jump in mid-air will cause wings to sprout and Chroma to remain airborne for a short time. Recasting a active 4th  while airborne causes a Wide AoE costing remaining Dragon meter (depending on Dragon Mode active) and Shields.


Feedback is welcomed. Please Do Not nurf his core stats or give him absurd energy drain or range. He is made from 4 other really powerful warframes and should be viewed as the final form of collective power of those frames.
Augments are also welcomed to be suggested.

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Il y a 7 heures, (PSN)al2PRO a dit :

He is made from 4 other really powerful warframes and should be viewed as the final form of collective power of those frames.
Augments are also welcomed to be suggested.

Technically, he is made of 4 quarter of 4 warframes + his own BP, which make him effectly a combination of 2 warframes including himself.
But anyways, the materials you use to build him doesn't matter. Do you think Excalibur, Volt or Mag should be weaker because they are the starter frames ?

Asside from that, here is my feedback :

1st ability : I don't have much to say, asside from making it a one-handed action, to let him use his weapon during the ability (even if it's a short burst).

2nd ability : The elemental damage buff + crit/status chance sounds a bit strong and out of place, especially as he already have a damage buff.
I would change it this way :

Imbue the weapon of Chroma and his allies with the selected element, which guarantee status effect of said element (no damage buff, only forced proc, which still increase you damage output if using toxin/heat/electricity).
Hold : Affect self + allies in AoE
Tap : Affect one target with double duration (which allow multiples allies to have different elements).

3rd ability : Just keep the build up. The downside this build up is, is what allow Chroma's buff to be so strong compared to other ones. 
However, the way of charging it can depend on element, here is my proposed change :

Chroma and allies get a damage buff + a second effect depending on element. Both effects grow from specific actions depending on element (all the team can contribute the buff growth).
Cold : Increase armor. Buffs grow with damage taken.
Heat : Increase range of ranged weapon (falloff distance, beam length, AoE radius). Buffs grow with damage dealt.
Electricity : Increase attack speed and fire rate. Buffs grows with distance traveled.
Toxin : Increase status damage and duration. Buffs grows with status applied.

4th ability : Your rework don't make use of the Chroma's pelt, which is an important feature of the character, I propose some changes in line with your idea that still make use of it.

Release Chroma's pelt on desired location with two possible forms, each draining one of the dragon meter until it's empty.
Tap : Switch between Chaos and Healing form.
Hold in Chaos mode : Leave the pelt, dealing heavy damage of the corresponding element with 100% status chance, in AoE cone or large grenade depending on range. Standing near the dragon provide elemental buff that merge with Unison Burst's applied element, allowing elemental combination.
Hold in Healing mode : Leave the pelt, pulsing elemental waves that stagger enemies with 100% status chance of the corresponding element. Standing near the dragon provide lifesteal from the corresponding element and its combinations (for example, toxin dragon will provide lifesteal from toxin, viral, gas and corrosive damage).

Passive : The current ingame passive is already nice.

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