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Standardize and fix holster positions


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DE needs to standardize where weapons get holstered on a warframes body, as well as change some of the positions entirely. Melee is the worst offender when it comes to this, there's no point in adjusting the position of the melee if as soon as I equip another frame, its going to get completely messed up. It doesn't seem to hard to come up with is decide on a default look for each weapon, and apply it to all frames. Guns also have to deal with this except you cant adjust the position, shotguns especially get put in a really awkward position. though I will say, secondary weapons look good with their positioning, but all that proves is that you can actually make it look good/standard across all frames.

For some good examples as to what I'm talking about, look at these:

I know that I can just turn off weapons being visible while holstered, but if I'm putting the time into farming for some of these and forma-ing them, and customizing the colors, I want to be able to see them.

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