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The best build for Sepfahn + Peye + Vargeet II Jai?


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usually with Zaws I would build based on my chosen link, for maximum crit or status, based on whichever Link it has equipped. since it's a Nikana, you could also try running a Daikyu with it's Amalgam mod for added Lifesteal, which might help if you feel your frame is too squish. that is assuming you would be willing to run a Daikyu instead of another Primary...


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9 hours ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

since it's a Nikana, you could also try running a Daikyu with it's Amalgam mod for added Lifesteal

This.  Somewhat ironically, the most powerful mod for your new Zaw doesn't go on the Zaw at all.  As well, the second most useful "mod" isn't a mod at all.  It is the Exodia Contagion Arcane, which I hope you farmed a full set in the past month.  Finally, remember to use Blind Justice, perhaps the best stance in the game.

With those out of the way, you got the right idea with the parts (going for Crit and Speed).  So when it comes to modding, you'd definitely want to amplify those.  But with which mods?  Well, that depends on what you plan to use your weapon on...

For the regular Starchart, just use the left-hand panel as your guide.  Pump up your Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier with 2~3 slots, spend 3~4 slots on damage (1 melee damage, 2~3 on elemental damage), add a Speed mod if your finger can handle it, add a range mod to exploit the 0.7 Follow Through, and not much will survive a hit or two.

For Steel Path and beyond, you'd want to go ham on the conditional mods for Crit Chance and Melee Damage.  Condition Overload, Blood Rush, and even Weeping Wounds are all necessary.  You'd still want Organ Shatter, but definitely add Gladiator Might now.  I would go with Gladiator Vice for speed, and Primed Reach is even more important to quickly build up your combo counter.  I would also consider adding some Gladiator mods to your Warframe to further increase your Crit chance at high combo counts, and definitely use Naramon to make sure your combo counter stays high.

The key to the Steel Path build is that, with Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired, you will almost never die as long as you keep hitting enemies with your nikana.  And as long as you keep hitting enemies with your nikana, your combo count will stay high.  And as long as your combo count stays high, you will be dealing insane red crits, killing enemies quick.  Everything synergizes together and you will be a killing machine (albeit with a sore "E" finger).

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