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Codex, Mod Bench, and more Broken (search/sort Out Of Order)


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I have a problem where when I search for certain items they can't show up in the correct order i.e. alphabetical sort.


Had this problem trying to identify what weapons in Codex that are Prime to use at the lowest level, so I searched weapons by Rank. Can't really see what the game is trying to do, seems like its based on new items where a tag is missing. Parts of the list are correct and others are not, does not sort by weapon slot type and I don't know what is new. I experienced something similar in my Mod Bench but I don't recall what I did. I know it's not based on whether the mods are new to the game, I sorted by Type. I can't tell what order it's supposed to show but there is no discernable pattern I'm able to follow. I wanted and expected to see a By Weapon Type or By Mod Bonus, and that doesn't happen; Pathogen rounds is separate from Fever Strike, but it shows the Cold mods all together I believe.


Random and low # of mods in my mod bench and this is a relatively new character so my codex is pretty slim, I don't know what other information is relevant.

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I want to say this affects other parts of the codex as well, I stopped looking after I got lost with the relic thing in Codex. This does not seem to be based on incomplete search terms (almost like a typo) where I already had the problem. Out of curiosity I'll check some other places in-game and edit this post as I go along.


The SORT-BY bug does not affect Relic Refinement as an option itself. However, I get different search results when I search for "prim" rather than "pri" or "prime" in Relic Search at Refinement.

Arsenal looks for more than name if By Name is selected. This is part of the problem I experienced in the Codex when looking for mods but the opposite effect. You cannot search Codex Mods for terms within the card itself, or where it's from or who/what drops or rewards it.

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