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Pax Charge + Reload While Holstered bugged interaction: Uses disabled ammo pool


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If you have Pax Charge on a kitgun and any source of Reload While Holstered (Tactical Reload/Lock And Load/Eject Magazine, Synth set bonus), any ammo reloaded from the Reload While Holstered will be taken from your ammo pool. ...Which you're not supposed to have with Pax Charge. This leads to two strange interactions.

It lets you pick up ammo for your given gun to refill the ammo pool you're not supposed to have. This means it'll eat up ammo boxes that you might have wanted for another gun through ammo mutation.

It lets you run out of ammo for your Pax Charge kitgun. Once you're 'out of ammo', it will still recharge its magazine like normal if you don't swap away from it, but if you DO swap away from it (like using quick melee), the holstered reload will not add any ammo (cause your ammo pool is empty), AND you will be prevented from firing your gun until Pax Charge has charged your gun up to full, even if you have ammo left in your magazine. This is especially an issue for big mags.

Example: Rattleguts secondary with the 111 mag size infested loader. You've managed to 'run out of ammo' from holstered reload. You shoot 60 rounds, leaving you with 51 rounds left. You quick melee once before going back to shooting. You got 51 rounds left, but you cannot shoot. Pax Charge recharge starts. You still cannot shoot. Recharge finishes 3 seconds later, bringing you back to full. Only now can you shoot again. This will not fix itself until you've picked up some pistol ammo.

I've tried this with other guns that have a recharging magazine (Basmu, Cycron), but it they're not affected by this. Only kitguns with Pax Charge are affected.


Ammo reloaded from Reload While Holstered uses up ammo from your ammo pool, even if your kitgun has Pax Charge. Weirdness ensues.

How to reproduce:

Any kitgun equipped with Pax Charge
Any amount of Reload While Holstered, including from Synth set bonus
Swap away from kitgun (this includes quick melee) when magazine is below full

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