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Unable to perfom actions like melee, shooting, casting abilities, and rolling.


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I don't know what is causing this bug nor do I know how to replicate it, the bug occurs out of nowhere, literally out of nowhere, and it has happened to me 3 times this week alone. 

This bug renders the player unable to perfom actions like shooting, melee'ing, casting their abilities and rolling as you can see in this video:


This was a solo excavation mission on Valefor, Europa, though the bug is not mission specific nor Warframe specific, this has happened during ESO runs with Mesa Prime and mobile defenses.

Unfortunately, I don't have a video recording of this, but if this bug happens while in Peacemaker mode (Mesa), the game will allow you to move even if the player is not using Mesa's Waltz, including bullet jumping (the bug seems to affect bullet jump distance as well) and the ability never de-activates, even if energy is at 0.

Only solution that i've found to this bug is dying and reviving myself. Jumping out of the map doesn't work, it has to be death. 

Network options. 

I do have to note that I am from Europe and have NA selected as my region, but this bug has happened even while playing on the European region.

If I ever get more footage of the bug I will update this post with more videos/pictures.

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