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Unable to Assassinate Sister in Neptune Proxima Confrontation


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I recently tried to confront and assassinate my Sister of Parvos, but after knocking her down, it would not let me press X to "assassinate" her. One of my squadmates replied that I should try dying, so I did. When that didn't work, I tried entering/exiting my necramech (please ignore spam-crouching as I struggled to exit the necramech) but the timer ran out and she despawned.  Video of attempt.

The only thing different from the last mercy part (the knocking out the three bars with parazon req mods) was that the charges that were consumed. One of the ones had emptied of all charges, so it was defiled. I was lucky and had an identical one with charges on it, swapped it out and confronted her again with no issue this time. I really didn't to waste anyone's time, so I didn't test the defiled mod theory out, so I can't say for certain that was the issue, but it was legitimately the only change between the two attempts.

If you've had this happen to you, please put in your input and what fixed it.

This is just my opinion, but I sincerely hope that this was a bug, because otherwise, it'd be a bit much to require new mods to take down your Lich/Sister in the real final confrontation because the prior "final" confrontation took up the charges. Again, just my two cents.

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