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Hydroid Rework Concept


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Repost of something I put on Reddit to the official forums with some edits.

Afaik Hydroid does not have any slated changes, so I am suggesting these edits.

Concept: From what I can tell Hydroid is a frame heavily focused on CC with a minor play on Support. I would like to emphasize these parts while making him actually worth using. The idea is every single one of his abilities to have very, very good synergy. (Along with retaining his tentacle fetish). Current Hydroid fails hard at this, as he has zero sustain and his CC generally makes things worse (Undertow'd enemies, goodluck hitting tentacle enemies with a precision weapon) along with abilities that are just terrible. (Tidal Surge. Why does a frame need TWO trash CC invuln. abilities?). My suggested Hydroid rework would have a very "spend energy to make energy" approach, and ideally would have a nerf to shields and buff to health for the prime to properly synergize.

Passive: Siphoning Caress

Whenever Hydroid is damaged by an enemy, there is an [x]% chance that a tentacle will coil around the enemy, immobilizing them and leeching health or energy, whichever is % lower.

1st Ability: Kraken's Augur

Hydroid goes full Bloodborne (Augur of Ebrietas) and pierces enemies in front of him with spikish tentacles coming out of his hand, damaging them and CC-ing them, as well as proc-ing a minor version of Siphoning Caress on them. This uses only one hand, and thus allows him to still reload or shoot with one handed weapons such as pistols.

2nd Ability: Tempest Barrage

Mostly minor rework to this. First, include the corrosive barrage augment as part of it, but lower it's effectiveness. This mod is literally essential to Hydroid's 1, so just put it in. Secondly, it has two parts. Uncharged cast makes it have a small area where it hits repeatedly, meant for locking down a chokehold. Charged cast makes it cover a much larger area where it will hit each spot less. Also increase the base duration.


3rd Ability: Tidal Reservoir

Hydroid gets a "undertow" like a effect under him, but is still able to move normally and take damage. While active Hydroid will get a [x]% damage increase. Any enemies that step into the Reservoir are CC'd by tentacle coils that partially submerge them, each giving Hydroid a [x]% Damage reduction (enemies affected by the Reservoir cannot proc Siphoning Caress)

If enemies are affected by Kraken's Augur on cast, they are pulled into the Reservoir.


4th Ability: Deep Waters

Hydroid submerges into the ground (like current Undertow), and gives allies a health regen and enemies a slow with they trudge through the waters. While enemies are in the water, tentacles will randomly seek out a max of [x] enemies and coil them, proc-ing a minor Siphoning Caress. Hydroid can also target enemies and press Left Click/R1 to coil them. The water gradually expands to full size. It is a drain and not a duration. While this is active, Hydroid moves very quickly throughout the water.

If Tempest Barrage is active when Deep Waters is casted, it's duration instead becomes energy drain. If pressed again it will cover the entirety of Deep Waters for an even greater energy drain.

If Tidal Reservoir is active when Deep Waters is casted, a % of it's effects is given to all allies within Deep Waters with an energy drain.




2nd Ability Augment: Enemies that strike Hydroid and have Siphoning Caress proc are pulled into the Reservoir.

Overall Augment: Any Enemy affected by Hydroid's CC has an [x]% increased chance of dropping loot. (Pilfering Swarm)

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