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Veteran and friendly clan, “Hellenics”, is recruiting


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Hey everyone,

Our small ghost 7 clan is recruiting players of all levels to join up and run missions with us!

We’re a small group of veteran players who have been around for… a little while to say the least.

I started this clan as The Hellenics because the founding members were all Greek. You don’t have to be Greek to join obviously, but if you like badass hoplites and like to wear one on your shoulder, come join us. If you are Greek and you aren’t a member… well, why not?? Lol.  

We’re in an alliance with some other small to medium clans and they’re a bunch of cool people  

We’re happy to bring in new players and go through the planets with you, teach you what you need to know and welcome you to the family. Also open to experienced players who want to run those spicy Kuva relic missions etc in a coordinated way. 

We’ve got a lot of research completed and the few members we have are super active. We hit our peak numbers in 2014-2016 before I fell off the map. We’re looking to get back to a healthy amount of active members. 

Happy to answer any questions!


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