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Minor Cosmetic Bug on Excalibur Umbra Sunder Helmet


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Hello! I was just doing a little fashion frame work, looking for a potential new look on my Excalibur Umbra, and on a whim I equipped his alternate helmet, Sunder, and noticed that for whatever reason, the exposed flesh was fully metallic, as if made out of steel. I recall it being of a solid fleshy appearance before, and have seen screenshots that attest to this, so I thought maybe one of my color choices was interfering, so I swapped to my C Appearance slot on Excalibur Umbra to see if that fixed the problem, to no change on the flesh color. Then I changed every equipped thing I had, including weapons, vehicles, and operator, all to the C slot of their appearance tabs to see if any of them were interfering, to no effect. After this, I swapped back to the standard Excalibur Umbra helmet, closed the game, opened it again, and swapped back to the Sunder helmet, but nothing was different.

Before this was something I noticed, I was also adjusting my operator's appearance, and had decided to go without a bodysuit at all. After I noticed this visual bug, one of the adjustments made was putting the Zariman suit back on in full, just in case, and yet the exposed flesh on Umbra was the same. I'm not entirely certain what to try from here, all else I can really say about it is that I'm on the latest public release of the game.

I do hope whoever catches this post has themselves a wonderful day!




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