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PSA: Vastilok Will Be Tradeable

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Hey Tenno!

With Baro’s return this week, he has brought the shiny new Vastilok to our PC Tenno! Typically, Baro’s weapons are always tradeable, but many have noticed the Vastilok is untradeable this time around.

For those keen on buying some extras, we have planned changes to make the Vastilok tradeable in a future hotfix. All previously purchased Vastilok’s will also become tradeable.

Baro appreciates your patronage.


Vastilok is now tradeable on PC with Hotfix 30.8.2  (Console hotfix at a later date)

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5 minutes ago, (PSN)DarkEVILomoreX98 said:

just checked baro on ps4 he don't have it when will we get our chance?

Console Baro is three visits behind PC Baro, you will see vastilok in six weeks.

BTW you may want to format your post, I had to ignore 99% of your text wall. I don't know if you had anything important to say in it.

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I bought it figuring 'oh hey this happened again. Wonder why it seems like every new weapon that hits Baro's rotation DE has to get around to patching so that it's tradeable. Still, thanks for the confirmation given the ducat cost and I'd already bought a second to see if I could get some plat rolling.

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