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sweet, treat or treat grab bag!
one you have to wait for baro, the other one you have to farm eidolons, and the rest you have to buy with platinums. these are drops of good value.

by the power vested in me by absolutely nobody, i rate this week's drop 3 thumbs out of 5 (👍👍👍 - -)
it's lacking theme and wow factor, but still good drops. 

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vor 19 Stunden schrieb fastlane37:

I really do hate the RNG grab bags. I guess this is just how they're done now. 4 bags so far, 4 argon pegmatite. The only one I'm really interested/didn't have yet in is the eidolon deco. Sigh. 

 I was hoping for Argon, but got 4 Eidolon Relics and a Nanospore. Grabbags are so awesome 🙉

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