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Syndicate Medallions Don't Count Toward Riven Challenge When On Merulina


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So I had a riven challenge which stated "Collect 20 syndicate medallions without failing a mission". I went into a syndicate mission as Yareli and collected all 8 medallions on the level and finished the mission, but as I went to the next mission, I picked up a medallion only to see that the riven challenge had only started counting then. However this time I picked up the medallion without being on Merulina. To test this, I recorded 2 instances of picking up medallions, one with Merulina and one without, which you can see here: https://youtu.be/Ieos-9uUGv4


I finished that mission collecting the 8 medallions and I thought maybe it was a display error so I did another mission and picked up another 8 medallions, which would have put me well over the required medallion count had my first 8 counted. But no, my riven did not get unveiled.

I'm not sure if this is a niche problem specific to syndicate medallions or if it happens similarly with other items, but I thought I might post it here since I saw no other post with a similar problem.

TL;DR Medallion no register to riven challenge when on Yareli big fish

P.S. If anyone from DE actually reads this post, please improve Yareli's hitboxes, she's got a concussion from slamming her head on doorframes.

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