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Hide Bonewidow holstered shield when equipped with Karnolyth Necramech Skin


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I have that skin, too! And I genuinely think that Karnolyth and the shield completely do not match. In fact, it stands out so much it makes the whole Necrameme look weird and not cool at all. It's actually disappointing. As far as I can see, Voidrig appears to be the only Necrameme compatible with this skin, and it kinda sucks.


IMO, Karnolyth should've been added with custom models for Bonewidow's sword & shield and Voidrig's cannons in the first place, but that'll forever remain a missed opportunity on the devs' side. Sigh.


DE, please at least make it so that we can hide the shield. Bonewidow looks quite weird if used with a non-default skin.

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