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crash when entering the necralisk and its free run


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Hello, lately as about 3 days ago the game started crashing every time I entered the free tour in deimos, the loading screen just started either from the necralisk or from the navigation, it gave an instant crash, I tried everything to enter, from the necralisk, directly from the navigation of the orbiter, the dojo and a repeater, I went alone, and as a team, being host or not, I asked to be taken, joining parties of friends, nothing, and from today it began to crash also as soon as I entered the necralisk so it affects me a lot for the halloween event, I can't make contracts with mother to earn symbols but now I can't redeem the symbols that I have left before the problem started, hopefully they can fix it so I can have everything I want from the event and if I can enter again at some point since I have not yet reached Helminth. I have asked in the chat if it happens to someone else, although only 1 has answered me that they have the same problem, it was a random player that I do not remember the name, the error began a few days after the event started, since it can make some contracts and buy some things but not a week passed since the event came out and the problem began, when I crashed I get a page with the possible problems that could have been, my pc is not bad, it does not get so hot, I just stopped playing and it is cold, if it were for the antivirus I would jump at all times and not only in the free tour of deimos (also the antivirus does not even warn me, it only stops the game), I think, it is not For space, I still have 170 GB more or less of space, a few months ago I had 50 left and even so the problem did not pass, also, it is not for fps, I am doing relatively well, between 30 - 60 fps and suddenly it stops, no lag before it occurs. I have not wanted to uninstall the game to leave it as the last option, please, if someone knows the reason why this happens, tell me or if it is an error, correct it as much as possible before the end of the halloween event.


Now I can not enter cetus, fortunately I have not tried but this pass I will not be able to enter any free tour, how do I do the missions of nora then? How do I raise my reputation if the game crashes as soon as I enter?

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