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Requiem relic used in non-requiem void fissure.


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Yesterday I was running public Axi fissures. The mission was Oxomoco, Void (exterminate). I loaded in with my Axi O5, Intact and some other people using their Axi relic. This one person stood out with a Requiem relic. More specifically Requiem III Relic, Intact. Keep in mind this was a Axi exterminate, void fissure that only let players equip Axi relics prior to the mission starting. This happened a few times before I eventually left.

How can this bug be reproduced?

I cannot replicate this bug as I was only a bystander, but I have observed that the player who equipped the Requiem III relic only equipped it after the mission voting prompt showed up. This is the first time I have encountered this 'bug'.

What was happening before the issue started?

I was doing public Axi Void Fissures on Oxomoco, Void (exterminate). Keep in mind everyone I matched with, all equipped Axi relics prior to the issue. 

Can you provide your build and game settings?

  • Hotfix 30.8.1 (latest build as of posting this)
  • Server was set to North America.
  • Profanity filter was turned off

What kind of squad were you in? Solo, host, client?

Random Squad in Public, I wasn't host.




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