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Missing weapons and warframes that i leveled up in my profile, and i guess mastery points too.


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Maybe thats just ui problem i dont know, but i started to notice that some stuff i were leveling is missing in my profile.

I remember selling for credits fully mastered loki prime for the sake of "nah 20 plat for warframe slot is too much" and a couple of other things like that. It was really long time ago, when i just started playing warframe (about 6 -7 years).

Then some strange bug happend that rolled back my login days( like it was something like 100-ish and got to zero).

I didnt care in that time,i was just a child that liked to play warfrme.

Novdays i started to notice more stuff like that. Like i have fully mastered not prime Redeemer and Akjagara, but zero level dual skana.

The question to staff is do i need to buy all that stuff again and level it up?

Is it maybe counting towards master rank, and just an ui bug?

Or is there something wrong with my account.


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