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Cosmosis - The Omni All-Frame


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I had an idea for a weird warframe, it cannot use helminth, but it has 1 strange design flaw.

Cosmosis is intangibly connected to the essence of every warframe, and so, all 4 of his powers, are every warframes powers.

Every time you enter a match his 4 powers will be swapped with any existing warframes 1 2 3 4. like a huge gamble

he may only have 1 of a warframes power at any time, so he will always have 4 different warframe powers. not 2 3 4 of the same per match.

-for this warframe i was thinking of 2 things, 1, his 4 powers are picked at random when you join any mission.

and 2, after casting any power, that power is replaced in match with another one, so his powers are constantly shifting around all the time.


its just a weird idea


-Cosmosis looks broken and jumbled, and its like it is made of space, time, void energy, and galaxies.

He is every warframe, and also no frame at all.



-upon casting any power, 1 2 3 4. that power is swapped out on use, then set to a cool down, until the current power used runs out, it will remain on CD

Like if he has volts 1, casts the 1, it will change to frosts 1, without a cooldown, because it is not a duration based power.

but if it was like novas 1, it would be on cooldown as long as the orbs were up, but it would have switched to frosts 1. 


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26 minutes ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

either boneless is one of your alt accounts or you're clout farming...

 Dont know, dont care, i literally had this thought pop into my head and tossed it up. its an idea that basically means nothing.

it could never be implemented, a "gamble" warframe that shuffles and uses everyones powers.

but a Gambler warframe could be interesting, if it worked like Gambit from the X men. 

the only Clout i have is basically to be avoided at all costs.

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