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Another spider frame concept: Kymera (2.0)


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Note this is an update for my orginal post, since then ive learned a thing or 2.

"The fierce, the wild, the untamed"
Kymera, is another spider warframe concept. Thats it, think whatever you want from it and if youre interested then welcome to my post.

Concept art


(im bad at drawing i know :P)

Hp: 200 (660 rank30)
Armor: 275 
shield: 50 (200 rank30)
Energy: 100 (250 rank30)
Speed: 1.2



She will technically have few passives but no matter. 
Kymera has "wildness" meter like Niduses mutacion stacks, it will help her mutate to her spider form
Kymera can hold longer on walls and can hold on ceilings in normal mode in her lvl1 spider mode shes split her legs into 4 so she can hold and climb walls and ceilings long as she wants.
Once in lvl2 spider mode kymera grows 2 addicional "mini" arms that helps her climp and run even faster
In spider mode lvl3 youll get the abbility to "camouflage" yourself, when being or crountch climbing walls for 10 secs kymeras "fur" will addapt to her environment. When its grassy it will become long and soft and its rocky and metalic it will become stiff and wont move at all. thanks to that enemies will not notice you taht easilly; it will remain like that untill you decide to sprint or jumo down to floor.
In lvl4 mode shes grow a set of mandibles that you can use to suck(yes suck) health, shields and armor of enemies.
and heres an art of how it kinda works, please excuse my lazyness.

Ability 1: Carpet/cocoon webbing


This power will be somesort of supportive CC

with this power she creates a mass field of webbing on the floor with base range of 8m[Charged 15m] (enemies are slowed base 40% and will take toxin while in the carpet webbing), the webbing can be shot to trap enemies stopping their movement as they struggle to get free, cant shoot or attack, if you fire quickly enough or fire a charged shot youll cover the enemy in somesorts of a cocoon like spiders do with their prey(every second enemies are in this cocoon webbing, they take toxin and corosive damage and will act like a capri-sun for lvl4 spider mode Kymera). When they die theyll drop addicional heath, energy, and loot.

Ability 2: Vertical webbing


It will work similairy to volts shield  


she creates a wall barrier of webbing it will stretch out in a full on vertical plane, it acts like an atlas wall, if you hold the ability button youll be able to see how much it will cover up and the energy cost(50 to 20x15m and addicional 2 energy for each m)
this web wall blocks damage, and traps enemies that try to come into contact with it, it deals damage over time to any who touch it and wif they attep to run trought it theyll get stuck and open up for finishers.
allies that walk through this wall or stand near it are healed, granted a buff of 20% to speed.
Note that the web wall will act like a normal wall for Kymera when climbing.

Ability 3: Spiderlings


She summons up to 6-12 small spiderlings that swarm and attack enemies by leaping onto them, theyll act simirailry to titanias razorwigs and khoras kavat. Shell be able to command them simiairly to khoras kavat, shell have 3 options.
1. Attack
2. Support allies
3. Support herself
theyll jump and latch onto enemies, damaging them with corosive and slash, the damage will get higher the longer the spiderlings are attatech to the enemy.enemies that get latched onto struggle and cannot attack, this is a cc ability that has constant ramping up damage as the spiders feed.
When the spider kill an enemie Kymera can command them to eaither attack another one to latch onto allies giving nad boots such as: constantly granting health regen, 30% overshields or/and 25% of enemies armor (depending on what enemies they killed).

Ability 4: Her exalted crossbow chelicerae


In her normal mode shell have 2 mini rapid fire high status crossbows that deal little dmg
In her maxed out spider form shell jam those 2 corssbows together to form a big 2 headed crossbow with high crit and damage but with slow firerate and with the ability to pin down enemies to walls.
Shell deal extra 20% dmg to enemies stuck/slowed on her carpet and vertical webbbing.

lore you say? hmmm


Kymera was created thanks to those pesky annoying spiders Ballas sometimes found. When she was really created Ballas thought"huh, why not try to mutate her with the infestacion more. It worked really good with nidus". So they let the infestacion mutate her body, it somehow worked nad she gained some more spider like features. Some time passes and she got stuck on a derelict with a ton of infestacion she managed to fight them for a while but eventually she overwhelmed and she infersted got her; but they did not kill her, the infestacion mutated her body even further and gave her her iconic look and abilities we know today.

Some random things
All credit for the abilities goes to: (PSN)Tomplexthis

Anyway, Hello, hope you liked my concept 2.0 for my little Kymera. If you have any questions and sugestions dont be afraid to post them in comments and critique is very much wanted so i can become even better artist.
 Also f you think this whole concept and lore is weird well... i got this idea from a fever dream so yeah
Good luck out there tenno and thanks again for reading my concept :D
And Tomplexthis if youre reading this then thanks again for the ability ideas 

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