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Roaster Teeth and DE team up to produce animated Warframe series!


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Man, even the forums here aren't safe anymore. 

Reminds me of all those "gaming sites" with headlines like "New War release date, trailers and more!" and after youve read about 2 pages of nonsense filled with adds they say "So when is the release date? Nobody knows, theres not even a trailer yet." 

Im just waiting for adds to play when my alarm goes off in the morning, not letting me turn off the alarm until the add is done playing. 

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As others have said, Rooster Teeth's output has significantly declined in quality over the past few years. I would not trust them to do any external IP justice.

11 hours ago, 73yearsold said:

Ads being integrated into our lives is a sign that we are living in the future. We should be grateful for them. 

See the source image

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