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Standing of Syndicate dropping without reason


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Today I topped Perrin Sequence at 70k, kept the Perrin 11% Sigil on all of the warframes I used since I need new Loca anyway.
I did some other stuff, only getting stuff for Loca.
After some free roaming on PoE and finishing I saw a gain of 300ish for Perrin Sequence and me being at 69000 + a bit more than the standing just gotten.
I did not do any opposing or enemy Syndicate Missions, nor did I use  a different Sigil, nor did I buy anything.
So where did the Standing go to?

This happened before too, with the K-drive kids. I was at 5k, went to them to rank up, and was missing 500ish standing. Which makes even less sense :(

Is UI the right  thing for that?unknown.png

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