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Bugged into some of the treasure decorative in my spaceship and now affected how I move around any where I go.


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I was jogging or running around in my spaceship around my kavat waiting for something to finish up being built, then I ran into one of my treasure decorative that was between where my sentinel is displayed when equipped and the place where I can put together the collected materials for warframes, weapons etc. I bugged into that one and I was stuck there for a bit. I struggled to get out and after a bit I finally got out but I ended up with a very very slow motion walk and when I sprint, I walk a little faster instead of sprinting. I logged out and logged back in to see if it would correct it's self, that didn't happen. Then I waited for another update thinking maybe it would snap out of it, that didn't happen. I then un-installed the game and re-installed it but still had the same slow motion in moving around. I haven't played for over a month and I lost count, until I logged in a week or 2 ago, and still having the same problem. I also looked in options, controls section and everything seemed to be displaying what I normally set the keys on. I even saw the keys for sprinting, like sprint/roll action on the key "shift". I joined missions solo and in multi-player to see if it would snap out of it but still no change, which of course was so frustrating to finish that one mission. The only thing that is normally fast is gliding and jumping but the momentum gets slowed way way down if you want to sprint or not even be fast enough to hit the key for gliding again or you hit an obstacle.

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