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Tou | Poacher |


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Name : Tou

Gender : Male

Description : A ruthless and fearless poaching hunter, Tou is adept at the art of falconry, training dogs and setting traps to weaken his prey, be it animal or robotic.



Hp : 150 --> 450

Shields : 100 --> 300

Energy : 150 --> 225

Armor : 200

Speed : 1.20



Your pack of hunting dogs follows you everywhere on the battlefield, always staying within 15 meters of you, attacking and knocking down nearby enemies when you are visible.

Ability 1

Release your tamed eagle and it will fly across the battlefield, giving you the exact location of the enemies, as well as their weaknesses. Enemies will be highlighted and visible on the minimap and through walls for you and allies. Hitting an enemy's highlighted weak spot will cause them to take additional damage.


Cost : 25

Duration : 45 seconds

Radius : 50 meters

Damage bonus on weakspot : 2.5x

Ability 2

Tap : Choose among the traps which one to place.

Hold : Place the selected trap. You can place up to 4 traps of each type.

Stasis trap

 A trap that is triggered when at least one enemy is in proximity creates a stasis field that lasts several seconds, and blocks everyone inside. It can be placed on floors, walls or ceilings.


Cost : 50

Cast range : 15 meters

Trigger radius : 8 meters

Effect radius : 16 meters

Stasis duration : 16 seconds

Poison trap 

A trap that fires a poison-soaked dart as soon as an enemy is in range, the venom atrophies the victim's muscles making movement impossible for a limited period of time. The poison causes permanent muscle damage, making movement difficult even when the effect ends. It can be placed on floors, walls or ceilings. Extremely effective against biological beings, ineffective against robotic units.


Cost : 50

Cast range : 15 meters

Range : 20 meters x 90° cone

Charges : 11

Action speed reduction : 100% 

Duration : 7 seconds

Action speed reduction : 45% (up to 70%)

Duration : Unlimited

Electric trap 

Trap that launches a powerful electric shock at anyone in range, is capable of taking robotic units totally offline for an extended period of time, causing permanent damage to the circuits, reducing compaction effectiveness even after the unit is back in operation. It can be placed on floors, walls or ceilings. Effective against robotic units, faultless against biological units.


Cost : 50

Cast range : 15 meters

Range : 20 meters x 90° cone

Charges : 11

Blackout duration : 7 seconds

Damaged circuits effect

  1. -10% movement speed
  2. -15% precision
  3. -20% damage
  4. +50% response time

Damaged circuits duration : Unlimited

Ability 3

Choose your pack of dogs from leashes, allowing them to move freely, to chase, land, pin and even attack enemies. Dogs attack enemies highlighted by the eagle first, giving priority to those they can kill first.


Cost : 75

Dogs : 4

Dog movement speed : 1.75

Dog damage : 755 each bite (Increase with ability strength and melee weapon mods and rivens)

Attack speed : 0.977

Damage x3 to enemies highlighted by the eagle

Ability 4

Replace your primary weapon with an over-under shotgun, and the melee with a hunter's knife. The over-and-under shotgun shoots very focused buckshot roses, but can also use single high-caliber bullets for range, but is not silenced, so it draws the attention of enemies and prey when firing. When you wield the hunter's knife, a cloaking system is immediately activated that makes you invisible to enemies and imperceptible to all kinds of traps, but not lasers. You can execute even on alerted enemies if you use the knife, and by doing so, you will conceal the enemy's corpse.


Cost : 50 activation +

  1. 15 each reload
  2. 5/s while invisible

Over-under shotgun stats



Precision : 14.4

Magazine capacity : 2

Reload speed : 1.1 seconds

Fire rate : 9.33

Trigger : Semi-automatic

Noise : Allarming 

Multishot : 16

Critical chance : 30%

Critical damage : 2.5x

Status chance : 9.11%/Buckshot

Total damage : 1.584 ||| 99/buckshot 

Fall-off : 30-60

Max damage reduction : 65% at 60+ meters

High-caliber bullet

Precision : 144

Magazine capacity : 2

Reload speed : 1.1 seconds

Fire rate : 9.33

Trigger : Semi-automatic

Noise : Allarming 

Multishot : 1

Critical chance : 45%

Critical damage : 4.4x 

Status chance : 32%

Damage : 1.492

Hunter's knife (Dagger) stats


Range : 1.85

Attack speed : 1.17

Block angle : 45°

Combo duration : 10 seconds

Follow trough : 95%

Critical chance : 32%

Critical damage : 3.2x

Status chance : 32%

Damage : 320



Thanks for reading, tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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