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Hydroid had a baby....


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I only own hydroid prime as a meme to remind me how a bad warframe could evolve into a 6 forma mehhhh. Then he had a baby with a k-drive and made Yareli on a drunken bender.  

She was born with the awesome abilites -

1) water bubble

2) Slimey k-drive

3) Water circle

4) water pop 


Well I have a good k-drive and volt has his 4 which does all of the other skills combined 10 times better with no mods, aura or forma. Hydroid returns! Funny enough my satire switch turned on after playing her for about an hour.

I am going to main Yareli in protest and put 10 forma on her all Zenurik polarities even the aura. I mean if you are going to relese meme frame do it right DE.


Suggestion - Make a Prime version with 0.1 movement speed and use platinum instead of energy.

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