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Cetus bounty tier 4 stuck at stage 3/5, can’t progress (PS5)


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FiZhhqL.jpgclGhSDU.jpgSetup: after completing a tier three bounty, the squad I was in (not host, I’m on PS5, just random players) signed on for a tier four bounty. One guy mentioned he was waiting for night to fall (it’s close to day to night change). We go through stages 1&2 without issues and get to three. First couple supply caches fall as expected, we blow them up and kill some enemies. Then it stops. No more enemies, no more supply cache notification. A couple squad mates run out of the circle, find some grineer to kill, and dispatch them with extreme prejudice. No change. Day turns to night and…nothing. The counter keeps counting down without anything else changing. The counter gets to zero seconds and… nothing happens. Still have the large yellow circle where the objective is, still reads stage 3/5. I run out of the yellow circle, finds some close grineer, kill them, nothing changes. Try flying around, in and out of the circle, go back to the tent where we initiated the mission (no dice there) and back to the circle.  This was not an area with underground tunnels so couldn’t look there.

honestly the loss for me are those three new mods- vigilante supplies, gladiator resolve, and energy inversion. I’ve been after the first and third for a while now. I hope the bug can be detected (pretty sure it’s something to do with the day to night shift while on a bounty) and fixed but if at all possible, could I get those mods added to my inventory? And please let me know if you have any clarifying questions, happy to answer. 


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