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Randomly teleported across map in Apollo, Lua


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This is a glitch that's happened to me sporadically for some time now, and the most annoying part about it is my sentinel disappears (but is still alive, as per the HUD) and I lose the benefit of mods which are equipped on it, such as Primed Animal Instinct and Guardian.  Typing /unstuck doesn't get it back, nor does jumping into a pit.  Apollo is the Disruption mission on Lua where you fight the Corpus, so that rules out Switch Teleport from Grineer Commanders. In this most recent instance I wasn't the host but had pretty good ping, so that should hopefully rule out bad latency as well.  The only other player in the mission was using Atlas, so that rules out Loki's Switch Teleport.  The glitch occurred during Round 6, and I decided to extract shortly after the glitch occurred.


The screenshot was taken while I was on my way to extraction.  As you can see, the HUD indicates that my Wyrm Prime is alive, but who knows where it is.

Support ID #2657552 has my mission log, and I pressed F6 within a second or two of the glitch occurring.

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