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Stuck in Corpus Derelict Cache on Arva Defense (Neptume Proxima)


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I'm currently stuck in Solo Corpus Derelict Cache on Arva Defense (Neptume Proxima).


I was equipped with my archgun and killed with it, and since stuck in archgun UI with my warframe lying on the floor and no revive controls and "/unstuck" doen't work either,  despite having  3 revives left.

And not much than 48h earlier, I wasn't able to switch from oerator form to warframe form during railjack mission than outside of it forcing a logout login out of me.

Is there no revive in Derelict caches or is it a bug, if there is no revive find a way to make it clear, for no future misunderstanding, pls ?

While waiting to receive enlightenments, please accept my respectful greetings


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