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Build weapon not showing up in arsenal


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5 hours ago, Ragnleach said:


I just built a Plague Kripath. Once it was completed I claimed it from the foundry but when I wanted to equip it, the weapon is not showing. When I go into inventory it shows there, but not as a weapon and shows as it cannot be sold. Please advise. :)


2 hours ago, [DE]Momaw said:

You built a PART of a weapon. You'll need to visit the blacksmith Hok in Cetus to assemble a full set of modular parts (weapon Strike, Grip, and Link) into a usable weapon.

To be fair the current system is trash especially for new players

Imagine needing to buy multiple parts with standing, leaving, crafting them in foundry, heading back, crafting them with vendor, leaving, leveling to 30, heading back to gild, leaving, and releveling to 30

How did NO ONE on the DEsign team think this wasnt a huge mess?

Just sell the zaws pre-built for standing or a resource like Ergo Glast does with Tenet melees, just with way more combos available daily, in addition to the zaws that can be bought with plat

And remove the need to gild, or at least bump zaws and kitguns up to Level 40

EZ fixes


Edit - Wanted to remind there is established precedent, Arcanes from Cetus and Fortuna used to be this cumbersome but the DEvs DEcided to sell them prebuilt which is smart. They forgot about zaws kitguns mechs and everything else....

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