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Sanctuary Onslaught Host Migration Race Condition Bug


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If a host migration happens during the conduit countdown, the whole mission bugs out, here is the specific events that happened:

1) Host migration in the countdown to conduit
2) Conduit to next area didn't spawn but no more mobs as still in that area
3) Conduit counter ended before losing all the efficiency
4) Map disappears and we fall into the void
5) Death plane even after efficiency hit 0 when falling
6) revive, into next map, still no mobs and the conduit timer reads 00:00 and the efficiency is reset to and stuck at the value when map disappeared
7) everyone else leaves giving another host migration to solo instance and mobs are back... of course efficiency is too low now to last more than a few seconds.

Ticket has been created with EE.log file.

Edited by Ujunia
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