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Sortie, Defection (80-100), dumb defectors


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I am MR9 and I was even alone in the mission. And that bug happened and it was even harder to me. That squad I had to safe was too dumb to move to their ship or to the  ship or to the next med booster.
It was always like that: I escort them but one of them was just staying on place and not moving. The other squad members are heading to the ship but not that one. So I go back to keep it safe. At some moment that idiot decide to run again. But it was on too low health and it dies right before the ship.
Last time one of that idiots even stuck.
Well, somehow I managed to finish the mission but it was so fking hard.

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same bug in SATURN > CARACOL (26-36)  , it's stuck not only one mission , it's every time . also there's bug that make one of squad C back to C again , i don't know why , but i hope you fix Defection 


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Dear Tenno(s) PaintedSun n' Subrixs,

Do you know that Your Warframe can slowly push the kavor to side for him to go at the exit room !!! (I had forgotten due to 2 years of nonplay this but another player gently remind me that  it's possible ^^).

And yes the bug exist since my very first Defection Event in Update 19.12 (2017-03-02) It's been 4 years and 6 months ... don't hope too much !!! 😝

Good luck ^^

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