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How do you shut up the NPC when hunting animals in Warframe


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I find that the announcer talking me through on how to capture an animal takes up the length of the entire animal hunt to where I can't even hear the beeping from my tranquilizer which alerts me from where the beeping/animal is coming from. By the time the NPC is done talking, the animal already escaped. Please implement a button to shut his mouth while we are hunting.

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Yes it is annoying, but with practice, you can totally do it muted.

  • You can read subtitles
  • mark the lure and scan the area first for enemy blips on the map
  • see the pheromone cloud burst when activated
  • watch the the line on the echo lure and match it too
  • after being called, look at the map where the animal (red triangle blips, i think) is coming from
  • decide where to place yourself from there
  • use scanner of tranq gun to see the perfect time and position for the tranquilizer shot

I always use Ivara just for her invis and the hunting equipments. 

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Settings –> Audio –> Transmission Volume. Set to 0 and enjoy.
Another way is to use transmission skip.

Personally I turned it off because of Little Duck. She's... adorable? I guess. But her constant talking during disruptions hamper your ability to hear demolishers.


Transmission dialogues are implemented in a way as if Warframe is a slow-paced single-player game. That can be hilarious sometimes, but it's still very annoying.

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