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Rng Algorithm Bugs/changes


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If you are one of those players that feel like the RNG Gods are angry with you, starting today you may begin to notice a more fair and balanced hand from these divine beings.

Glen (our Tech Director) identified and fixed a serious distribution flaw with random number generation (RNG) in Warframe. While enemy drops were not seriously affected, a truncation in the random 'seed' within the mission reward script could result in a terrible chain of bad luck. While some players may have benefited from this (a chain of good luck) the distribution was terrible.

For context: Games use a lot of random numbers for things other than drops; for example when you blast one of those damned security cameras and a shower of sparks explodes out of it the each particle’s direction is determined by an RNG. Since games need a lot of RNG for effects and other things we actually have a very optimized RNG to make the game run quickly – the problem is you trade entropy (how random it is) for speed.

The RNG for drops needed to be slow and good to be fair and truly reflect the intended drop rates. The new code changes embraces a much slower and entropic means of determining drops of all kinds - weapons, Warframe parts, etc.

I'm very sorry for the frustration this has caused. We are committed to preventing future regression through automated tests... Attached to this post are contrast-boosted images from these tests. The bugged RNG, which is plainly giving dreadful runs. The 'fast' RNG without the truncation error - much better but still with an obvious pattern. Lastly, Glen's new code which shows a vastly improved distribution.

Thank you for reading and happy hunting Tenno!


Left to right: Bugged, Fast, Fixed (new hotness)

These pictures show the output of each RNG technique repeatedly flipping a coin: White is heads, Black is tails. In order for the loot tables to be fair and well distributed you want your RNG to output something that looks like static (which the new approach does).

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Good to see more improvements to this system. Personally I never had a string of "Bad RNG" with farming, but all improvements to Warframe are appreciated. Especially something so important.

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