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Dojo kicking out invited players during trade


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So, this problem started actually a long time ago, I thought we (I mean me and people from the clan) can somehow fix this but today we just gave up. During the trade dojo just tell the invited person that everyone left from dojo so it's time for them to leave too but the host is still in dojo, this happens after 1-2 minutes of one trade or during fast 4-5th trade. We don't have this problem when trying to trade with people from this clan, only with someone from outside of this clan. I have checked logs from sessions couple times and there is just a thing that says 'MatchingServiceWeb::ProcessSquadMessage received LEAVE message' and 'RemoveSquadMember: [Player'sNickname] has been removed from the squad , squadCount=1' and some other things that I just don't understand. We tried to talk with support but we get some stuff like 'check your ports' or 'unplug and plug again ethernet cable'. Sorry for my bad English (if it is) but I think it will be understandable.

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