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Hotfix 10.6.2


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- Fixed excessive lag and desyncs occurring when playing multiple missions in a row.

- Fixed unresponsive black screen appearing at end of mission, also a message is now displayed if unexpected delays occur when returning to main menu.

- Improved distribution of random numbers generated by RNG. More information: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/128402-rng-algorithm-bugschanges/

- Fixed Team Heal unintentionally reviving downed players.

- Fixed Team Heal/Ammo/Shield/Energy drops permanently remaining on client, also removed collision from them and fixed missing effects.

- Fixed being unable to contribute to new rooms after host migration occurs in clan dojo.

- Fixed security camera "alerted" sounds not playing for clients.

- Fixed sentinel's ghost ability not being cancelled by the Stalker.

- Improvements and potentially fixed bug where Stalker would become unresponsive.


* Addendum: Added ''Show Frames Per Second" toggle in config options.

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