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Suggestions for Reworking Frost.


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Frost isn't in a good place right now imo.  His kit boils down to Ice 1, Ice 2, Bubble that Blocks Team Fire, and Ice 3.  It's the same attack with varying levels of effectiveness and range.  Vauban has more variety in just Minelayer.  The damage levels have been power crept so that he requires very high Strength just to kill even in mid level content.  The CC is there, but nothing special.  The armor strip on his 4 is short-lived.  His passive is a joke.  His Prime has half the energy pool as something like Wisp, but he's obviously meant to be a caster/defensive frame.  Maybe you like him.  I also like Frost.  He was my first prime and has my second most playtime out of all my frames.  He needs some love though.  

Suggestion time.  It's long, I'm not expecting anyone to actually read the whole thing, I just want to get it out.

Increase his energy pool by a lot.  It's sitting at 425 with Primed Flow.

Passive:  Frost has a lot of shields and is a defensive themed frame.  I think killing frozen enemies with melee should provide a fixed amount of shields.  Like X% of his max shields per frozen enemy killed with melee.  Not a large %, but enough to actually make his shields and cold procs worth something.

Freeze:  Add the augment as a base effect for the player only.  For pretty much all the abilities like this that have an augment like this (Shock, Fireball, etc) with the exception of Spore, the augment being a base effect would take the ability from an Auto-Helminth slot to being great.  The augment for Freeze is a bandaid to take an almost useless ability and give it life.  Just give it life without the mod slot.  Making it so that it only affects the player and not the team provides a bit of balance and also prevents your Frost squadmates from turning your Fire damage into Blast without warning.

Ice Wave:  It's the middle ground between his 1 and 4.  Redundancy at its finest.  I'd propose a channeled aura instead that provides cold procs (not damage) to all weapon attacks, and grants a damage buff against frozen or chilled enemies for all players in the aura.  Damage buff would be based on the amount of cold procs, with a large bonus against enemies that are completely frozen.  This allows Frost to turn the whole team into CC and provide actual meaningful damage.

Snow Globe:  Let players shoot through the globe.  Completely solves the issue of blocking team fire.  Solves the issue where the fact that you can pop his 3 with his 1 isn't ever clearly stated to the player unless you go digging through tooltips.  If I had 1 plat for every time I had to explain this interaction I'd be rich.  There also needs to be a change in the health calculation for the ability.

  • At 214% Strength and 630 armor the globe only has 14k health.  It doesn't have any kind of DR helping it out.  14k health at those stats doesn't last very long when it's such a big target and usually covering something that everything on the map is shooting at.  Even increasing those stats doesn't exactly help.  Even with an infusion and getting to something crazy like 450% PS you only have a globe health of 29k before absorption.  29k with an infusion would be a lot for low level content.  In higher scaled content, it's a drop in the bucket.
  • Yes, you can stack health, but that essentially means that the true cost for an effective defense is much, much higher than the base 50 energy cost.
  • Yes, it absorbs enemy damage for 4 seconds to add it to the health.  That damage isn't modified in any way though, and if they can put it on in 4 seconds they can take it off in 4 seconds.

Here's what the formula for the bubble's health looks like currently:  Modified Health = (Base Health + Armor Multiplier × (Frost's Base Armor × Base Armor Bonus + Additional Armor)) × (1 + Ability Strength) + Absorbed Damage

I would propose that the absorbed damage instead be moved to be included in the "additional armor" section of the formula. 

  • With the current formula, at 214%PS and 630 armor with the enemy doing 10k damage during the 4 second absorption phase, you get a globe health of 24,231.  If the enemy is putting out 10k damage in 4 seconds, you have about 10 seconds of bubble health unless you spend all your energy stacking it or kill the enemy before they can damage your bubble. 
  • Many other defensive frames can protect an objective for far cheaper and more effectively.  If you're going to just kill enemies to prevent them from breaking your bubble, you could just kill the enemies to prevent them from breaking whatever the bubble is protecting.  It's not good as is. 
  • 10k damage is just being used as an example, and is very high for lower levels.  For reference, if the enemy is putting out a sustained 2,500 damage in 4 seconds (not hard to encounter at all.  The base damage absorption for Covenant to max out is like 3k over 6 seconds.) you have about 27 seconds worth of globe health with the current formula.  This is okay for lower levels, but the formula doesn't scale at all, which is the issue.
  • With the proposed changes to the formula, that 10k damage that is absorbed in the example gets loaded in the "additional armor" section and now you get a globe health of 121,231, which at a constant enemy damage of 10k every 4 seconds gives you nearly 49 seconds of defense under sustained fire.
  • The balancing factor is the fact that the enemy can still just walk into the bubble.  This is mitigated by the QOL change that would allow your team to shoot through it. 
  • The change to the formula would scale well, but would actually lose "defensive time" the higher enemy damage gets.  At 2,500 damage you have over a minute's worth of health at that sustained rate of fire.  At 10k it's 49 seconds.  At 1m damage it's 40 seconds.  This allows it to scale to enemy damage so that it remains relevant, but isn't broken and allows difficulty to ramp up as intended.

Avalanche:  This ability is honestly all over the place.  It tries to do damage, CC and debuff all at the same time.  Doing all those sounds great on paper but it doesn't do any of them really well.  The damage is low.  The CC and debuff to armor are based on duration with a low base time.  Buffing literally any of these to shine and leaving the rest to be mediocre would make this ability much better.  Having the armor strip be permanent like Pillage's is would make it fantastic.  Increasing the time enemies are frozen and leaving the armor strip duration based would synergize really well with his proposed second ability.  Leaving those alone and giving the ability scaling damage synergizes with itself and allows it to function as a proper nuke for much longer into content.

If you made it this far, thanks.  I love Frost.  I love his theme and his deluxe skin is great.  But he doesn't scale well at all outside of that one specific use for his bubble that I know someone is going to come in here yelling at me about.  It's awkward, slow to use, and considering how old he is and how new the Viral status is, probably unintended.  It also doesn't fix the rest of his kit.  I know this will probably get ignored, but I'd really love for DE to show him some love.  Vauban, Ember, Nezha, and Wukong all got some serious love and are very strong now.  Help my boy Frost out.

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