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Warframe's 3 Year Anniversary on Nintendo Switch!

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Raise your Joy-Cons high, Tenno! Warframe parkoured it’s way onto Nintendo Switch three years ago and to mark the occasion, you can snag Nintendo Switch exclusive Opal Customizations and Decorations from the in-game Market.

Plus, when you log in right now, you’ll receive an Inbox Message with 400 Ducats!

November 8 to 15

- Opal Excalibur Noggle - 10,000 Credits
- Opal Marteddu Sugatra - 1 Credit
- Opal Color Palette - 1 Credit

November 15 to 22

- Dex Dakra Opal Skin - 1 Credit
- Opal Imperator Syandana - 1 Credit
- Opal Color Palette - 1 Credit

November 22 to 29

- Excalibur Opal Glyph - 1 Credit
- Paracesis Opal Skin - 1 Credit
- Opal Color Palette - 1 Credit

Don’t wait, Tenno! Add these items to your Arsenal and you’ll have more Nintendo Switch-exclusive Gear than a Kubrow can shake a stick at.

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Nice! The 400 Ducats caught me by surprise earlier this afternoon, since that was before this showed up on the News in the Nexus app.


There is one idea I've been thinking about, looking at the Obsidian Ephemera on the PlayStation; What if there was some sort of Opal Ephemera for a future Switch anniversary?


I tried googling "Jade Ephemera" Warframe just now, and only one result pulled up on google apparently.

I'm surprised there's no Opal / Jade Ephemera (Or Dex Ephemera?) yet.



As for what an Opal Ephemera may look like though, I'm not 100% sure at the moment. Maybe small transparent beams of light shining out from the forearms / ankles of a Warframe or Operator? It could use the Emissive or Energy colors, I'd imagine; But it's some food for thought.

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