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[Warframe Concept] Midas the Golden Master


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Base stats:

100 health

200 armour

125 energy

Progenitor Element: Heat

Passive: Curmudgeon. Midas is immune to energy stealing effects, only being able to spend his energy but never lose any against his will.

1st Ability: Midas Touch

Midas dashes forward 12 meters. Any enemies who Midas collides with are turned into gold for 5/7/9/15 seconds. Golden enemies are frozen in place. When killed, they drop coins, which power Midas' 4th ability. Cost: 25 Energy

2nd Ability: Curse of Wealth

Midas permanently turns all enemy gear in a radius of 5/8/11/16 meters to gold. Since gold is rather heavy, enemy movement speed is reduced by 15/20/25/35%. Since gold is also rather soft, enemy armour is reduced by 15/25/35/50%. Enemies killed while under the effects of Curse of Wealth have a 5/10/15/30% chance of dropping a coin. Cost: 65 Energy

3rd Ability: Tax

Midas taxes all enemies in a radius of 5/8/11/16 meters, forcing them to drop an item and stunning them for 3 seconds. Enemies affected by Curse of Wealth will additionally drop a coin and be left open to finishers for 5 seconds. If they are not killed, they will no longer be affected by the movement speed debuff. Cost: 80 Energy

4th Ability: Icon of Greed

Midas smelts his coins and is engulfed in a casing of liquid gold. Whilst Icon of Greed is active, all of Midas' melee attacks are imbued with an additional 50/65/80/100% bonus heat damage and his slam attacks apply guaranteed heat procs to everything they hit. As long as Icon of Greed is active, Midas has a 20/30/40/60% chance of ignoring incoming damage. Icon of Greed uses 1 coin every 3 seconds and lasts until Midas either runs out of coins or cancels the ability by pressing 4 again. Midas requires 5 coins to activate Icon of Greed. Whilst Icon of Greed is active, any coins Midas collects don't add to his duration but are instead converted into 5% ability strength for the remainder of the ability duration. If Midas has collected coins with Icon of Greed active, cancelling the ability causes an eruption of liquid gold that deals 100/200/300/500 heat damage per coin to all targets in a 7 meter radius with a 100% status chance.

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vor 11 Stunden schrieb MoonDew1:

Think you could possibly connect this Warframe's backstory with Parvos Granum or the Corpus in general?

Probably, though I mostly thought of the Orokin because they were so obsessed with needlessly making stuff golden all the time that they are occasionally referred to as the Golden Masters.

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hear me out... remove the energy nonsense. His passive should instead be something like "When Midas kills an enemy or picks up energy a coin will be added to his coffers." then nothing can steal his energy and then all his abilities will be reliant on accruing coins. It'll be a frame that rewards kills.

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