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It's annoying that my drifter can't use the bow and pistol with abilites...

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I just feel like drifter should have stuck with drifter and op with op. Personally, that would have been the best route. And that DE chose the path for a certain someone at end of NW, but that's another topic x'D.


If drifter got to keep bow and nothing else, I'd have been happy.

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On 2021-12-15 at 11:31 PM, TheRealShade said:

Agreed, I was immensely disappointed to see that I'm stuck with an amp and the normal abilities.

My Idea, give us a new focus school for the Drifter that brings back the kit we used during the quest (with some improvements from focus upgrades like lower cooldown, bigger AoE, stronger heal, etc) and allows us to equip weapons. As a tradeoff, we can't use other other void abilities (can still benefit from the unbound passives maybe?) if we have this tree active since we get access to our weapon arsenal and the story tools?

Huh, I had that idea, but I scrapped it, as it be way too difficult (and long) to make a new school, instead I came up with something like this:

So with the New War finally granting us our Drifter (or Adult Operators), I've been wanting to use my Drifter in all the main missions that I can however with how weak the Focus System is, it's borderline impossible to do so. (Yes. I know there are Arcanes, but that besides the point)

Now there has been chatter about DE reworking the Focus System to be more Combat Friendly for the Operators, however, we have no information on what DE plan with the Focus System, so for now this is how I'll rework the system.
Note: Before anyone asks, all Focus Points (that you spent) and Shards will be refunded to you. So we can reset any mistakes we made.
Transference: Let's start with the basic combat first.
⦁   Transference Static Debuff Removed & Way-bound Passives Removed: Removing this unwanted debuff will stop any annoyance of "dying" as a Drifter/Operator and no longer has any use with the New Combat System. Also, as the Drifter/Operator now get the default values equal to (or more) the Way-bound Passives no longer are needed.
⦁   Health (1,000) & Armor (225): The Drifter/Operator gains the following amount of Health and Armor by default. (Can only be modded with Arcanes)
⦁   Shields (1,000) & Energy (190): The Drifter/Operator gains the following amount of Shields and Energy by default. (Can only be modded with Arcanes)
⦁  Normal Passives: All Normal passives from -all- Schools are unlocked by default. (This change will allow us to use our favorite ones without hazzle) Note: DE will need to Balance each passive, so perp your butts for Nerfs!)
⦁  (New!) Transcendence: Named after the old Focus System, Transcendence is a New System where if your Warframe is destroyed, you are ejected. (Just like in the Trailer!) Note: You'll remain as your Drifter/Operator until you either complete the Mission or Recall a Warframe or Mech. (New Gear Item, the reason why I make it a gear item as this will give the player a choice to remain as Drifter/Operator or hop back into a Frame or Mech) 
Additional Notes: The Drifter/Operator can now use K-Drives, They can also use the Gear Wheel, however only the Drifter can slide/roll and have a super-jump like ability. The Drifter is also the only one who can now go into bleed-out state, like any other Warframe, however their bleed-out timer is much longer. (Note: The Revive System has been scrapped, if you die, you just Re-spawn but still lose XP)
The Drifter Kit: All of the "Void" Powers have been removed in favor for the Drifters Kit. They still keep their cooldown and can now be Modified & Enhanced with a brand new Skill Tree, unlocked for them.
Note: Only the Drifters are able to use the Drifter's Kit, the Operators will still keep their Amps and Void Powers, Obviously.
⦁  Sidearm & Dagger: The Drifter is now equipped with the Sirocco Pistol and the Rumble-jack Dagger, both the Dagger and Pistol can be modded. However they are the only weapons they can use.
⦁  Healing Injection: Healing Injection functions the same as it did, however it now is granted Enhancements, depending on the School.
⦁  Smoke Screen: Smoke Screen the same as it did, however it now is granted Enhancements, depending on the School.
⦁  Target Radar: Target Radar functions the same as it did, however it now is granted Enhancements, depending on the School.


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My ideas:

1 - Make drifter equipable as an unmoddable warframe and transference would switch between his old abilities x void powers and wf weapons x aps


2 - Add an exosuit or something (little inspired by cod), transference would just make the operator exit and use their void powers, while the exosuid would be fully mod-able like an actual warframe with some simple abilities and (maybe) all abilities would be switchable if they were unlocked in the Helminth. Then just some basic health and shields. Also parazon would be available.

When i look at it now it's pretty much just a weak warframe for operator but well most people want to play as operator/drifter not because he/she would be op or something so i guess it still does what it is for.

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