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Warframe Launcher Issue Workaround (Quebec Region) [RESOLVED]


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20 minutes ago, Theonia said:

I spent close to an hour on with Videotron CS this morning; I was helping them to troubleshoot the issue for their tech team by running various scenarios and changes through my own PC for them. They are gonna review the data and get back to me tomorrow. 

Hopefully this helps to get a resolution soon. 🤞

One of the reps I had spoken with on Thursday actually called me back this morning to tell me they acknowledged the issue and are looking into it now.

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On 2021-12-17 at 3:29 PM, [DE]Megan said:

If this workaround does not solve your Launcher issue, please create a ticket with your Launcher.log with our Support team for further diagnostics. Steps to find your Launcher.log can be found here

This seems to be a waste of time. I did this and my ticket was auto-resolved. The response was a copy/paste of this thread even though I mentioned that I'd been instructed by this thread to submit the ticket.

Maybe the logs helped them. But at this point it's probably not worth it to spend time submitting a ticket.

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DE DevOps need to speak with Videotron engineers. I'm pretty sure that they'll be better equipped to track down and fix the issue than customers are.

I'm crossing fingers for the issues to be fixed quickly. It would be nice if we don't miss out on too many Prime Resurgence rotations. There is still a bunch of stuff that I need.

Hopefully we'll get an update on the situation from DE tomorrow, or someone will have received promising news from Videotron customer support.

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18 minutes ago, Luigi007 said:

I think they've fixed it, now, the launcher open in 5 seconds and no more major lag spike in-game.

I can confirm It seems fixed on my end too.


23 minutes ago, Vanguard836 said:

I think the issue has now been fixed folks ! The HTTP routing has changed and is matching the HTTPS routing. I can launch the game without any issue and I'm not getting any "NNR" issues. Can anyone else confirm ? 

can confirm too!

game launches and no network not found anymore!

time to play new war!

pog <3

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Seems like it is fixed with Fizz (my ISP) as well: downloading the patch at 4 MB/s (which is the peak I can expect on my 30mbps service - yeah, I'm cheap) on the second PC.

I am pleasantly surprised that the ISPs involved (in Quebec) worked through the weekend on this.

I hope the people elsewhere in the world have similar luck.

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