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The New War: Hotfix 31.0.3


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Known Issues Not Fixed:
Tenno, we want to outline some other issues we are in the process of fixing (this is not an exhaustive list, just some highlights):

  • Issues with Rivens and Spoiler Content.

  • Issues with a certain Beam Struggle in The New War near the end of the quest, and a request for players experiencing this issue on PC:

If you open a ticket, cite Hotfix 31.0.3 + this thread in the subject, and attach your EE.cfg AND Settings (\%localappdata%\Warframe), it'd be appreciated. 

  • We know this bug is related to a custom keybind, we just don’t know which yet. 



  • Clarified the Protovyre Apex Syandana challenge description to read “An evolving Syandana that draws upon Sentient technology. Collect Relics or Aya with this Syandana equipped to unlock two additional looks."

  • Polished up some FX during The New War Quest.

  • Polished up some FX on a post-New War weapon.

  • Removed Dojo Decorations that weren’t meant to be live just yet! 

    • If you already Built/placed these Decorations they will stay! They’ve just been removed from the Architect menu until they’re ready to go live.

  • Renamed the Harrow Prime Lith N9 Relic to Lith N10, as N9 already exists.

  • Updated descriptions for Inbox items received when completing The New War Quest to make it less ambiguous as to what type of items they are. 

  • Renamed "Tusk Supplies Cache" to "Grineer Supplies Cache" in the Codex.

  • Added workarounds to the launcher for misconfigured networks.

  • Removed Parazon functionality from a certain character that shouldn't be able to do it.

  • Moved one of the Thousand-Year Fish’s to be more visible for those who have completed The New War Quest.

  • Added a glow to Ammo stations in the beginning of The New War Quest for better visibility. 

  • In the event that a Hotfix/Update deploys at the very end moment of The New War Quest, you’ll be asked to retry your input.  


Caliban Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased Caliban’s max base Energy from 100 to 125.

  • Slightly increased the radius of Fusion Strike.

  • Caliban’s Fusion Strike now implodes as opposed to exploding upon full convergence.

  • Fixed Caliban’s Razor Gyre at max rank (3) increasing by 10 damage-per-second when charging it (holding down the fire key) when it should be 100 damage-per-second. 

  • Fixed Caliban's Fusion Strike not stripping as much Armor as it claims.

  • Fixed Caliban’s Conculyst comrades dropping Sentient Cores after Caliban Revives. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1291487-calibans-sentient-summons-drops-sentient-core/ 



  • Fixed issues with matchmaking in relation to pre-New War and post-New War.

  • Fixed getting stuck on a black screen during a specific mission in The New War.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur in The New War Quest after being Revived.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur in The New War Quest when players were put into a wrong state.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur aboard a Murex. 

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Shadow Stalker appears to fight you.

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Transference to Umbra at the moment he died.

  • Fixed a crash related to the Sentinel Mod ‘Spare Parts’. 

  • Fixed various crashes during a certain phase of The New War Quest related to checkpoints. 

  • Fixed a progression stopper in The New War Quest due to Yareli riding Merulina during a certain mission. 

  • Fixed a progression stopper in The New War Quest related to an objective not triggering if you were too quick. 

  • Fixed a cutscene not triggering in The New War Quest if you had a certain Ability active. 

  • Fixed a script error (that could cause drones in Orb Vallis Bounties to stop moving) that occured when the drone spawned at some locations - could also happen if you killed off all the enemies currently spawned in the encounter.

  • Fixed getting stuck in a continual knockdown during a moment in The New War Quest.

  • Fixed a moment during The New War Quest where you were not able to respawn after a certain checkpoint was met. 

  • Fixed a progression stopper in The New War Quest if you completed a certain objective too fast. 

  • Fixed some enemies getting stuck out of bounds during The New War Quest.

  • Fixed Button prompts to use Abilities are showing the most recent binding, not one for the current input filter in The New War Quest. 

  • Fixed Harrow Prime to be compatible with Helminths Invigoration system. Please note that this will only affect new Invigoration offerings. If you already had a current offering for the original Harrow then it will remain invalid for the Prime. We are making changes to the way we introduce Prime Warframes to Helminth to try and prevent this problem from happening in the future.

  • Fixed one rotation of Bounty rewards awarding the incorrect amount of Endo in its Rare rewards (50 Endo is now 1200 Endo).

  • Fixed Power Cell carriers never spawning in Cambion Drift Purify and Excavation Bounties. This also fixes the Deimos Saxum Rex not spawning. 

  • Fixed a post-New War Bounty enemy staying invincible which resulted in a progression stopper.

  • Fixed the Protovyre Syandana not tracking Challenge progress for Clients/some mission types.

  • Fixed running out of energy in Razorwing while in Operator results in Titania being permanently small and breaks movement.

  • Fixed wielding the wrong weapon during the first mission of The New War Quest. 

  • Fixed enemies spawning in areas you’ve previously cleared during a certain mission in The New War Quest.

  • Fixed a ‘Skip Cinematic’ popup appearing but not functioning if you button mashed on a controller during a specific part during The New War Quest.

  • Fixed enemies not making tactically viable choices during certain missions in The New War Quest.

  • Fixed callouts for the “Ascend” phase being incorrect in The New War Quest.

  • Fixed moments where Focus/Arcane attributes were being applied to the Operator when they shouldn't during The New War Quest. 

  • Fixed seeing overlapping weapons in the end scene of The New War Quest. 

  • Fixed a post-New War weapon being in the wrong Mastery Profile category. 

  • Fixed scenario where Kuva Guardians can’t be disarmed via Void Dash.

  • Fixed a boss Health bar appearing above a character during the Second Dream.

  • Fixed some Operator hair attachments.

  • Fixed white explosions and wrong sounds on Grineer Hellion swarm missiles 

  • Fixed certain Decoration dioramas having the item in the ground. 

  • Fixed the Helminth Ability ‘Golden Instinct’ not functioning for Somachords and Frame Fighter fragments.

  • Fixed incorrect Operator animations post-New War.

  • Fixed broken textures on the Vasca Kavat fur.

  • Fixed the Athodai having the wrong firing sound. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1290701-athodai-has-the-wrong-sound-after-update/ 

  • Fixed a script error that occurred if you equip any of a certain Set Mod but had no Melee weapon equipped.

  • Fixed a script error related to playing Umbra in The New War Quest.

  • Fixed incorrect skybox in a post-New War area.

  • Fixed a script error in a post-New War Bounty. 

  • Fixed numerous script errors when a Client was attempting to join the Host who was in a Town/Relay.

  • Fixed a script error that could occur when playing Orphix missions.

  • Fixed a rare script error when fighting Profit Taker. 


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When making the New War replayable next year, can we choose certain parts of the quest to replay? That will help its replayability immersely.

Furthermore, I'm not sure but can you confirm if there are additional rewards for


Saving the optional Ostrons throughout Act 2 and 3?


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Narmer-Bounty-rewards on Cetus-Nightcycle in Fortuna shows Caliban-Chassis as only reward from him. Is this maybe a typo or is this intended?


Edit: Nevermind, rewards rotate on an hourly rotation I think.

Thanks for the fix though!

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Problem solved
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On 2021-12-15 at 8:11 AM, XHADgaming said:

Has the following bugs been fixed? I do not see them listed.

Profit taker leg regen

Akarius explosion fx not working properly as client

disappearing weapon bug(one method is triggered by casting dispensary followed by discharge in quick succession)

excavation UI being messed up for clients

Can you please provide an eta for when the following bugs will be fixed, these are all bugs that I am able to reproduce pretty easily after launching my game and I do not see any of them being listed as being fixed.

I really badly want these bugs to get fixed since but in order to do so, I need them to get noticed which is apparently impossible even after posting the bug reporting thread like I'm supposed to.

The script error for profit taker being rare easily indicates to me that this is not related to leg regen since I trigger leg regen on a CONSTANT basis as a client. I can provide videos of the issue if they are needed.

E:YEP all still here

Edited by XHADgaming
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I fired up the launcher and it looked like it did a tiny hotfix.. which was weird because there was no notes. Logged in fine and visited the forums... after a minute or so, this topic popped up... and while I was reading it, the hotfix landed in-game. Thanks for contributing to my weird quota for the day, just a bit more and I can unlock the secret bonus features!

Thank you, also, for the hotfix.

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On 2021-11-17 at 7:48 PM, Halo said:

Howdy all, I'd like everyone to take a moment and observe footage as Dojo Spawn Room Colors are not properly staying, and haven't for the past few weeks. 

Yes, upon entry to my dojo, the original colors do not show up. Walking in and out of the room, they do not change. Going to a different room and back, they do not change. 

However, putting a polychrome down, then they all of a sudden revert back to how they once were. This is only the case of staying in the dojo itself and not leaving. 

No, putting a new polychrome and rushing it with the same colors does not fix this. 

No, changing one color or the lighting in the room does not fix this. 

No, changing all of the colors to something random does not fix this. 

No, any and all display options, such as Volumetric Lighting and Ambient Occlusion, are all on and do not affect the room in any way shape or form. 

My friends who entered my dojo all had different experiences, some seeing the dark blue hue as seen in the video as the normal colors, and some seeing the basic lighting and normal room colors. 

Upon leaving my dojo in the video, all would seem right? Well, you're wrong. 

Re-entering my dojo still shows all the colors messed up, again. 

Please, DE, look into this, because this is a problem that if anyone else also had colors too in their spawn room, they would be just as furious as me. Thank you so much for your hard work, and hope something fixes this come The New War. 


Pretty sure I sound like a broken record player, but this issue is still occurring. 

Guess I'll have to hope it's resolved upon the next hotfix / update in the near future. 

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