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Hotfix 10.7.1: Double Resource Weekend!


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Hotfix 10.7.1


Weekend Special: Double Resource Weekend!





- Changed ‘remaining enemy’ minimap-marker to be red dot and no longer the player waypoint icon.

- Stalker has practiced against Frost’s Snowglobe and is no longer affected.

- Affinity Orb amounts no longer appear in HUD log as they are on screen already, rendering double-note redundant.




- Fixed credits not being saved at the end of Survival missions if someone in squad goes to extraction before anyone else had a chance.

- Fixed players being short a data terminal if a host migration happens during a Spy mission.

- Fixed crash if disconnected while using continuous fire weapon.

- Fixed only 1 copy of mission reward showing up in inventory when acquiring multiples in missions.

- Fixed Orokin Derelict Vault being lootable if the door is not unlocked.

- Fixed Torid and Nyx’s Absorb causing a game hang.
- Fixed Nova’s Worm Hole not being accessible at all angles.

- Fixed corrupted mods not accounting for Conclave Values.

- Fixed mouse input on friends and chat overlay clicking through to star chart.

- Fixed Fog levels in Orokin Derelict Tunnels.

- Fixed Banshee’s Sonar leaving mini-map icons for dead enemies.

- Fixed issues with distribution of enemy spawning in Exterminate mission types.

- Fixed lingering old Grineer audio being used for Corpus enemies.  

- Various Crash fixes.

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mother of god... prepare your nekros frames, tenno, its time to collect some nano spores. all the nano spores


edit: now, looking through all the other fixes, in all seriousness, this is a pretty solid hotfix! survival end of mission stuff, OD fog, exterminate spawn mechanics, and sonar update (that one has been buggy like that for a while, actually. I had written it off as "that's just how it works")


you know what we really need, with this double resource weekend, we need to change the sound effects of ammo pickup to what they used to be, instead of the sound of energy pickups. although the double resources don't mean double ammo, but still, someone should take a look at that

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