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PSA: Volt Graxx Helmet (Fixed!)

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Thanks to player reporting, we confirmed there’s been an issue with the Volt Graxx Helmet on Switch. It was unintentionally removed from players' inventories some time around The New War update. 

A Hotfix is required to resolve the issue for purchases moving forward. Any players that have purchased it prior to the Hotfix will receive the Volt Graxx Helmet via script once the Hotfix has gone out! 

We will update this PSA for all details and deploys, thanks for your patience! You’ll be back up and speeding in style in no time.

Update 1:28pm 
Our latest Hotfix should have resolved the Helmet missing from the inventories of players that had already purchased the Volt Graxx Helmet before it was removed. The Script will be running shortly for those players that purchased the Volt Graxx Helmet prior to the Hotfix! We will update here once it's completed. 

Update 3:20pm 
The Script has finished running, all accounts should now have the Volt Graxx Helmet safely back in their inventory. Thanks everyone!

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