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The New War: Hotfix 31.0.8


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3 minutes ago, BlackLion669 said:

I think you should release something new, I mean a lot of people who finished have nothing else to do, since retention of the players was an issue(as you said in many devstreams

It takes time to develop those new releases, believe it or not

Give them some time, we just had TNW release like three weeks ago

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14 minutes ago, Halo said:

Again, my apologies, but this issue has still not been resolved. 

Yes, before posting, I run to my dojo and check it, as well as rush a polychrome to see if the colors stick after rushing, leaving, then re-entering my dojo. 

As unsurprising as it is, dojo rooms with the new spawn point do not hold custom lighting colors. 

I hope this will get fixed eventually. 

Please and thanks for the hotfixes in general. 

your not the only one my clan leader has also been having the same problem for a while now, replying in hopes to spread awarness and get this fixed asap

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42 minutes ago, Voltage said:

Hoping to see some fixes for Galvanized Status

This.  @[DE]Danielle  Yall have been silent on this since the announcement two months ago that these weren't going to work on AoE.  What about the hundred fifty or so non-AoE projectile weapons that these aren't working on either?  Can you poke (gently) the right people or find out what the status (pun intended) of fixing it is?

Very comprehensive player-made spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jFIcb4W_KeZ5glapDLgFasmcOt8tp_lcpId82UQSv2c/edit#gid=1339687679


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9 minutes ago, Xander3359 said:

Terralyst Roar is causing games to crash. We literally cannot Eidolon hunt anymore.


3 minutes ago, -KyloRen- said:

Crashing like crazy on the eidolons after the hotfix...

Actively hunting a popular crash now!  Stand by, we'll hotfix again as soon as we figure out what went wrong.

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