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"Items with this Mod/Arcane" should be more clear


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Not too long ago, I traded away a spare maxed Primed mod. The game, however, doesn't tell me which items are equipped with the duplicate Primed mod I wish to trade. There's effectively a 50/50 chance that I will accidentally unequip the Primed mod from majority of my equipment as a result.

At the same time, Arcanes strangely do not tell you whether the Arcane is being used by your equipment or whether it is unequipped on anything. There's no notification, until you check on your equipment to see if you traded the right/wrong one.

My suggestions:

  • Hovering over a mod in your Inventory/Mod Bench/Trade Window will tell you which items are equipped with that mod.
  • Arcanes not only tell you that the Arcane is equipped on something should you try to trade it away, but the aforementioned suggestion is added to Arcanes as well.
  • When choosing to equip a Mod/Arcane with a duplicate (same Mod/Arcane and rank), the game should equip the one that is already pre-equipped by other equipment. This helps reduce the chances of equipping the duplicate mod/Arcane onto something else.
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