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Do you really think these three years of waiting were for nothing ? -The New War spoiler free rant-

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4 hours ago, gbjbaanb said:

I doubt it, human nature being what it is, working from home disconnected from your colleagues is something that only a few will get used to. The rest of us social animals will suffer a lot of stress, loneliness and increased pressure. We see this with retirees who suddenly find that they have problems and replace work with volunteer work or similar, Workers find that when working from home, the impetus to work fades away very quickly. If you don't have a home office to work out of, its massively worse.

When I did it, the first week was bliss, but the novelty fades away very quickly and you find yourself having to force yourself to work. That's not a fun experience compared to working naturally with your colleagues in an office. I doubt it'll ever really catch on, no matter how much the bosses want to save on office costs.

it kinda depends, the social thing is more of a general lockdown issue than a work-from-home issue, and wouldn't be much of a big deal if there was no pandemic, if working from home actually became normalized you'd also see more people actually having home offices instead of the "yooo i can work from my couch with a cold beer in hand" attitude that some people have towards working from home. 

it also depends on the sector you work in, creative work and work that requires collaboration is likely better off at the office since you need to interact with your colleagues a lot, while for instance helpdesk jobs can just as easily be done from home. 


if done correctly, work from home (or partial work from home) can do a lot of good in many sectors, we're just not there yet and we wont be for a pretty long while. the pandemic itself does not help either and forcing work-from-home on jobs that require a collaborative workspace makes things tough.


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